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June 2019

Summer Means High Sales for C-stores!

A spike in the temperature means a spike in sales for C-Stores. The summer months are the busiest times of year as the days become longer, and more people hit the road for travel.

Beverage sales spike more than 5% in the summer and domestic beer sold 40% of their annual dollars throughout the summer. The outlook for this summer appears to be no different. According to NACS, “On-the-go beverage sales also are expected to heat up at convenience stores this quarter. Fully half of all retailers (50%) say they expect energy drink sales to increase and 38% expect an increase in bottled water sales.”


With the increase in store traffic, staff has less time attending to fronting and stocking the cold vault which becomes more and more disorganized.

With FlexRoller, C-Stores can take every advantage of the uptick in summer traffic!
  • FlexRoller ensures that product of all shapes and sizes are always consistently fronted
  • This results in increased sales due to enhanced product presentation
  • Also decreases labor costs due to the elimination of manual fronting


Nielsen Total Convenience Data W/E 3/20/2016, Seasonality index calculated using weeks 17-35 vs remaining year
TNS, 2012
NACS, “Strong Food, Beverage Sales Expected at Convenience Stores in Q2”
October 2018

Visit us at NACS Show 2018! Booth #2069


Maximize the full potential of your shelf…
Sales up
Labor costs down
No manual fronting
No perceived out-of-stock
Fast restocking
Easy cut-ins
Less time in cooler
Optimized planogram resets

August 2018

Converting “Shoppers” into “Buyers” …. Here’s how!

Shoppers prefer a clean, safe and well organized store with shelves that are well merchandised and look good. Shelves that are shopped down are not inviting and create a bad impression of the store (disorganized). Nobody really wants to shop these shelves.

Shoppers spend only 3.5 Minutes in a C-Store. They want to find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently. Shopper research reveals that a shopper who finds the first item within 10 seconds, spends the same amount of time in the category and purchases 50% more.

FACT: Efficient merchandising increases sales.

Where would you rather buy?

July 2018

FlexRoller Conquers the World of Retail!

FlexRoller is now the premium shelf-management and merchandising system for beverages around the world, favored by leading C-Store and Grocery chains.

FlexRoller is now installed in stores from Norway to Italy, New York to Los Angeles, Thailand to China and recently, in Africa and the Middle East.


Global retailers prefer FlexRoller for its superiority as a shelf-management and merchandising system because of the following benefits:

  • Flexibility
    Suitable for all package types (including TetraPak)
  • Self Fronting
    Enhanced Shoppability / Increased Sales
  • Labor Savings
    Eliminates manual fronting / Faster restocking
  • Planogram Compliance
    Quick and easy resets
  • Durability
    Designed to perform in the cooler environment

May 2018

FlexRoller helps automate store shelves!

Automate your Shelves!

Retailers are actively planning to automate stores as much as possible — primarily to cut labor costs, improve front-end efficiency, minimize shoppers’ frustrations, and enhance the overall shopping experience; this according to a report in The New York Times. Link

As shoppers, we frequently encounter basic out of stocks, messy and disorganized shelves. By focusing on high-tech applications retailers are overlooking the most important real estate in their stores, the SHELF.

As technology advances there are several applications soon to be implemented in the retail space. For example :

  • Using smartphones to scan and pay
  • Cameras tracking purchases
  • Cashierless checkout
  • Unmanned convenience stores
  • Robots that help keep shelves stocked

Bruegmann USA can assist and has the solution to “automate” retailer shelves – the FlexRoller shelf management system ! Shopping made easy by consistently front-facing all shelves. FlexRoller front-faces multiple-sized products on the same shelf presenting all products for easy shopping ! Touch it – Buy it !

February 2018

FlexRoller Ensures Visibility!

Make sure your private label brand stands out on the shelf!

You, the retailer, are bringing innovation to your store brand packaging.

  • Using an artist for label design
  • Developing different bottle and package shapes
  • Utilizing unique packaging materials

Beverage packaging conveys the quality of the product inside!


Ensure your products are presented in the best way possible by continuously and reliable fronting with FlexRoller!

February 2018

FlexRoller connects the digital shopping experience and the store!

FlexRoller helps translate a seamless digital shopping experience into a convenient and efficient in-store experience!

The Facts

In-store and Internet are fast becoming integrated shopping channels
  • Shoppers research online and buy in-store (comparisons, availability, etc)
  • Shoppers check out products in-store and buy online (eg: size, material, look-and-feel, etc)
Retailers invest heavily in online shopping
  • Walmart has spent approximately $2 billion the past two years (US News and World Report)
  • Best Buy plans to spend $700 million in fiscal 2018
  • These efforts by leading retailers are a direct attempt to beat Amazon at its most vulnerable – instant gratification
  • Amazon fights back with acquisition of Whole Foods
Retailers are forgetting the store
  • The shelf, cooler and cold vault space has typically stayed the same in most stores
  • Every retailer has a cutting-edge presence on the internet
  • But in-store many are using the same basic merchandising equipment as they have for years

Customers who are fought hard over on the Internet will not find the seamless experience they saw online but disorganized shelves, un-fronted products and weak signage and guidance systems.

The Solution

Provide the best in-store experience with the best equipment. Customers expect clean, modern store that are easy to navigate and shelves to be stocked, neat, and organized so they can quickly find what they are looking for…like they can online.

The most efficient way to provide the best in-store experience is to simply automate as many processes as possible. Automation isn’t just a self-service kiosk, rather, it is also merchandising solutions such as rollers, pushers, and others that automatically front a shelf.

By automating all the minute tasks that store employees currently perform, you free your associates to devote more time in providing the best customer service experience.

November 2017

Don’t forget the Cold Vault when thinking about new technology!

Almost 50 percent of retailers said they plan to add new equipment and replace technology this year, with an expected growth in capital expenditure spending of 8 percent more than in 2016 (Convenience Store News 2017 Technology Study)

These investments are mainly driven by the desire to let staff focus on tasks that will bring added value to the business.

See article here

FlexRoller helps retailers shift labor from mundane fronting and stocking tasks to high value, more productive customer service tasks.

FlexRoller ensures consistently and continuously fronted products eliminating the need for fronting and reducing re-stocking labor. This allows staff to focus on more productive, customer oriented tasks.

October 2017

FlexRoller supports Cold Vault Beverage Trends!

Beverage Retail Trends
  • Carbonated soft drinks still account for 47% of beverages but the category continues to shrink
  • Consumers’ shifting taste preferences drive the growth of bottled waters, followed by energy drinks and ready-to-drink teas
  • Competitive threats from outside the channel like discounters and supermarkets

Beverage Brand Trends

Taking a close-up look at the packaged beverages category several key trends can be identified:

  • Functional beverage development like protein, energy and enhanced waters
  • Package size innovation
  • Premiumization
  • Sugar Taxes
  • Manufacturers crowding into attractive categories

See article here

FlexRoller helps retailers and brands to capitalize on all these trends.

FlexRoller ensures that consistently and continuously fronted products are always visible and ready to be purchased.

New products that have only one or two facings are always fronted ensuring the best chance of being seen by shoppers.

Visibility is the first requirement for engagement that leads to a purchase.

Planogram resets are becoming more frequent. FlexRoller shelves and dividers allow full planogram reset flexibility.

FlexRoller fronted shelf

Plastic glides do not front

May 2017

FlexRoller drives C-store Expansion in Central America!


Labor savings, sales increases and shopper benefits drive chain-wide implementation of FlexRoller in Central American C-stores..

  • Convenience stores in Mexico are one of the fastest growing channels with high customer turnover.
  • To keep the cold vault fronted and well organized at all times requires a lot of in-store labor time.
  • FlexRoller FlexRoller has proven to be the optimal shelf fronting system as decided by this C-store chain.
  • Easy to implement and maintain.
  • Chain-wide acceptance and roll-out – especially new store locations.

Cold Vault


Open Cooler

  • Test results proved that the consistent, continuous fronting of FlexRoller (to the last unit in all lanes) resulted in:
    • increased sales
    • reduced labor costs
    • well presented cold vault and coolers
  • FlexRoller has been rolled out to several thousand stores in Central America since 1998. About 1000 per year.


FlexRoller is the optimum shelf management system to organize any category, provide the necessary flexibility to change planograms frequently as new products are launched and demanded by consumers. FlexRoller will keep all lanes fronted and easily shoppable.

FlexRoller is the most versatile, most durable and highest performing shelf management system.

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