Bruegmann - Flexroller
December 2016

FlexRoller reverses sales in a declining beverage market!


Leading European C-store chains install FlexRoller after extensive tests prove increased sales and reduced labor costs in a declining beverage market.

Situation bm-fr-news-12-12-3
  • Sales in the C-store channel in Germany have grown at a disappointing rate of 0.9% over the last 20 years.
  • Sales of beverages have even declined by 0.8% per year during that same period.
  • As a result the share of beverage sales declined from 15% to 12%.
  • FlexRoller was the shelf management equipment of choice that has been installed by leading convenience chains
  • The Bruegmann Company implemented, controlled and provided essential analytics to prove the sales lift and operational efficiencies delivered

bm-fr-news-12-12-4 Results
Test results proved that the consistent, continuous fronting of FlexRoller (to the last unit in all lanes) resulted in increased sales in a static beverage market and reduced labor costs.

Sales increase of 9%

  • Sales tracking results proved a 9% increase in sales
Labor time savings of 1.5 H per day
  • Store staff spent less time keeping the cold vault fronted and organized
Payout in 6 Months
  • ROI payout in 6 months
Roll-Out to over 1000 stores
  • 150-200 stores installed per year for the last 4 years

FlexRoller is the optimum shelf management system to organize any category, provide the necessary flexibility to change planograms frequently as new products are launched and demanded by consumers. FlexRoller will keep all lanes fronted and easily shoppable.

FlexRoller is the most versatile, most durable and highest performing shelf management system.


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