Bruegmann - Flexroller
July 2018

FlexRoller Conquers the World of Retail!

FlexRoller is now the premium shelf-management and merchandising system for beverages around the world, favored by leading C-Store and Grocery chains.

FlexRoller is now installed in stores from Norway to Italy, New York to Los Angeles, Thailand to China and recently, in Africa and the Middle East.


Global retailers prefer FlexRoller for its superiority as a shelf-management and merchandising system because of the following benefits:

  • Flexibility
    Suitable for all package types (including TetraPak)
  • Self Fronting
    Enhanced Shoppability / Increased Sales
  • Labor Savings
    Eliminates manual fronting / Faster restocking
  • Planogram Compliance
    Quick and easy resets
  • Durability
    Designed to perform in the cooler environment

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